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This is another area which I have touched upon in the previous posts. In this entry I hope to offer exercises, mental approaches and physical conditions which enable the production of a relaxed sound. I choose the word “relaxed” as … Continue reading

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Your Voice

While the question of your voice is almost inextricably linked with your identity I will focus mainly on the aspects of playing, sound, gigging and leave the issue of personal identity for another time. It is indeed a tough subject to … Continue reading

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Mouthpiece Advice

The mouthpiece choice is always a trending topic on trumpet forums and I chime in from time to time because like most trumpeters I have tried (owned) more mouthpieces than socks. Given that the music shops in N. Ireland are … Continue reading

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Vision, Artistry and Music

I have recently been thinking about deeper meanings in music; how abstract playing an instrument is to making meaningful music. Alliteration aside… Glenn Gould’s beautiful performance of J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations spurred my mind into thought last night (whilst I … Continue reading

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My new home

I am testing WordPress as my new home for blogging online. This is my first post (just in case you were unsure)

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