For those of you who read this website – apologies for the lack of content recently (also for the lack of content within my content, heh!).

I have a couple more transcriptions I will make available – maybe make YouTube videos of them so you can follow along.

I have some trumpet and guitar related materials to publish, as well as a handful of posts and photos etc…

I have been working on developing my lack of low register, working on reducing pressure, working on air etc etc… all those good fundamental things. I had somewhat of a breakthrough with a nice (somewhat flat) double C. Posting this in efforts to keep myself believing that I can play in that register when everything is working, and that frequency, stamina and accuracy are a work in progress.

I will publish a helpful warmup routine that my tutor has shown me; I have incorporated some other elements more focused at my own weaknesses, however, in use and with students these seem to be beneficial no matter your makeup.

I resolve to update before a year is up!

Here’s how a trumpet CAN sound… the incomparable Wayne Bergeron:

Merry Christmas!

About Michael Barkley

Trumpet player/tutor, luthier, jazz enthusiast, coffee addict.
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