About Michael

I have a BMus (Hons) Degree, in which I specialised in Modern Classical Composition. I also have an L-RSL Teaching Licentiate in Contemporary Music. I have had the honour of learning from some of the finest musicians around (in my opinion). Worthy of mention (and featured in my links) are: Mark McKnight, Will Vinson, Mic Smith, Bruce Adams, Linley Hamilton, James Gourlay, Piers Hellawell, Simon Mawhinney, Rich Willey and Geoff Winstead. These people have helped me understand what I do, and have given me a real desire to keep learning and writing music.

I am a trumpet player/tutor and guitar builder/tutor. The most of my playing is in a jazz or commercial medium, however I have a keen interest in the baroque and classical traditions and enjoy performing those when they arise, and am a member of the newly formed “Quangle Ensemble” who focus on performing modern classical compositions by up and coming composers. I have experience in professional playing from theatre shows through to small group jazz playing. My Contact details.

I am working on my 8 through 15th instrument builds right now. I started learning my craft nearly 10 years back where I built a kit instrument. I couldn’t let it go, and soon I was building my own guitars. My first sale was a 7 string which I completed aged 17. The instrument has toured Europe and Asia with virtuoso guitarist Ricky Graham. Currently I am building 7 instruments amongst which are: hollow body jazz/blues guitars, an 8 string guitar, a 6 string bass, a fretless 4 string and some standard builds. You will see these in Custom Guitars!

“The Michael Barkley Jazz Quartet deserve more praise than most local acts out their, on the merit of their acute musical sensibility, their enormous respective talents, and their humility.”

I also enjoy cooking (and eating), photography, psychology and philosophy, writing music, working out new ways to procrastinate that specifically involve Badgers, Lederhosen and meta-physical quandaries, coffee, composing music, coffee, writing, coffee, measuring mouthpieces, collecting mouthpieces and all things design-related.