Custom Guitars & Basses

On this page you will find some of my custom guitar work. I also offer my luthier services to anyone needing repairs, or wanting custom work carried out. I work with all guitars and basses and will be happy to talk to you on the phone or via email if you want a quote for some work.

If you are interested in repairs/custom work, a commissioned electric guitar or bass of any design, or a quote for one of the guitars that I am currently working, then please contact me.

If you are an artist, please contact me regarding an artist’s price.

My work:

A 24.75″ scale, semi-hollow body, through neck guitar. This is for sale at the Guitar Rooms, Holywood. Click image for full-res.

This guitar features a Kent Armstrong and Wilkinson custom pickup configuration and it offers a very versatile tone which is exceptionally responsive and accurate across the range. It would be suitable in all music and situations, however, it has been designed with jazz and blues players in mind; the instrument produces a very full sound.

Woods used: Figured (quilt) Walnut top, Sepele Mahogany thru-neck and body, Bubinga fretboard.

A custom 34″ fretless bass built for David Wilson.

A custom 7 string Ibanez-RG style for Ricky Graham.

Another clip of the 7 string. The neck was broken during a tour and had to be replaced quickly with an Ibanez neck. This is still my build. This now features some modifications; a Fernandes sustainer pickup and a hexaphonic piezo saddle pickup (with a summed 7th string). You can hear the strings being panned in the stereo field. Live these are panned through surround sound!

A video of the 6 string bass which is one of my “in progress” instruments. This is a 35″ scale 6 string bass and will have a low B and high C, but I am sure with heavy strings a low F# would be respectable; obviously a longer scale for that low a tuning would be preferable.

Current instruments which are in progress (all for sale):

  • Semi-hollow body, through neck, 335-esque double cut jazz/blues guitar. 24.75″ scale.
  • Semi-hollow body jazz guitar – as above, but larger.
  • 6 string double cut lightweight version of the jazz guitar suited for all-round playing. 24.75″ scale.
  • 6 string rock guitar, super-strat double cut design. 25″ scale.
  • 8 string version of above, laminated top. 27″ scale.
  • 6 string, 35″ scale bass guitar. Single cut.
  • 4 string, 34″ scale fretless bass. Single cut.
  • 4 string, 34″ scale standard bass. Single cut.