Custom Snares

I am now offering custom built solid stave snare drums. These drums offer a lot more compared to normal drums for several reasons.

1) They use less glue (100x less in most cases) which decreases the dampening factor inherent in glued surfaces.
2) The grain is uniform, vertical and transfers the sound from the bearing edge much more efficiently.
3) The wood is of the highest quality.
4) These, like my basses & guitars, are 100% hand built by myself.

I am able to offer all of the standard configurations of snare in several varieties of wood. Let me outline some options.

Firstly; I offer the following woods:

Walnut, Maple, Mahogany (Sepele and Cedrella) & Ash.

I will build snares in 10″, 12″, 13″, 14″ and 15″. I will consider really special custom work if you so desire (and can find a head).

Depth is no issue. I prefer the sound of deeper snares, but you may not. This is why I offer snares from 4″ to 7″ as standard. If you want a 3″ piccolo snare, this is no issue. The same applies to a 9″ snare… 12″. You may be the mad one here… but I will build it!

I offer flanged, die cast and wooden hooped drums.

In progress:

14″x6.5″ Walnut stave snare. 5/8″ thick. Flanged Pearl Super Hoops, 10 tuning lugs. Chrome. Satin, oiled finish.