Welcome to my on-line store. While I offer excerpts of my work for free, if you would like to benefit from these in full, for the same price as your average iPhone app, please do so below! Within 24 hours of purchase I will have emailed you the chosen PDF. Please specify clef, and any instrumental consideration; these are written for brass players, but I am sure others can benefit; I read clarinet & flute studies to diversify what I am working on.

Out of general respect to myself, the time I spent writing and checking these exercises, and considering the low cost; I would appreciate it if you referred students and colleagues here rather than sending them a copy. Payment is handled through Paypal which offers you a safe & secure transaction.

***Coming soon*** Valve oil. Available in Light, medium-light and medium (worn valves, vintage horns or longevity).

Let me know how you get on via e-mail!

Description Cost Paypal
Intervalic Flexibility: Fourths & Fifths #1 (15 pages) Sample PDF £3
Intervalic Flexibility: Tritone #1 (16 pages) Sample PDF £3

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